Tram Consultation

Out of frustration at the Government’s inaction over the trams inquiry, Kezia held a public trams consultation throughout October, welcoming input from anyone concerned about the issue.  She was grateful for the many responses she received.  Proof, if it were needed of the strong public feelings about this issue.


The 1st October marked 100 days since Kezia called for an inquiry into trams and the government is still no closer to setting a start date, appointing a chair or identifying the terms of reference. 


The document below was produced by Kezia to outline the key issues which an impartial inquiry could look at in the interest of the people of both Edinburgh and Scotland.  It formed the basis of Kez’s public consultation.  This document is both an attempt to move the debate beyond petty point scoring between politicians and to encourage the government into action as quickly as possible.

The findings of Kezia’s consultation will be published soon.

Final Version Tram Consultation

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"Kezia Dugdale has taken a real lead on the issue of fair internships. Unlike other politicians who talk a good game, we are delighted that Kezia is putting her words about internships into action. By paying interns the Living Wage, having a transparent recruitment process and offering a variet of interesting work, we are confident interns will get a great experience – and Kezia will get great interns! "

Ben Lyons - Co-Director of Intern Aware

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