On these pages you will find a series of responses which Kezia has received from Government Ministers, Councillors/Council Officials and relevant agences following representations she has made to them about local Lothian Region issues.

If you would like Kezia to raise an issue on your behalf - get in touch.

City of Edinburgh Council Addressing Charter

Following some constituents getting in touch regarding house numbering policy, Kezia made some enquiries and found out how you can raise complaints about the naming of streets and the numbering.

Police respond to Mortonhall

Kezia wrote to the head of Lothian and Borders Police seeking an update on their investigation into the baby ashes revelations at Mortonhall Crematorium. Read the above letter for details of their investigation.

Response from Shona Robison MSP re Meadowbank Stadium

Kezia recently wrote to Shona Robison MSP following Edinburgh based athlete, Lynsey Sharp’s decision to train elsewhere as Meadowbank Stadium’s faciltites are not fit for her training needs ahead of the 2014 Commonwealth Games. You can see the response by clicking the link above.

Tackling Dog Fouling in Edinburgh

Edinburgh City Council has reported on their strategy for tackling dog fouling on the pavements of Edinburgh, a subject which Kezia receives a considerable amount of correspondence about. Kezia hopes that this report will lead to cleaner streets in Edinburgh, and has published the report above for any concerned constituents who might be interested.

Keith Brown response to improved access at Edinburgh Waverley

Kezia wrote to Minister of Transport Keith Brown to request improvements to the automated service at Edinburgh Waverley.  Kezia asked the Minister if The Scottish Government can work with Network Rail to provide talking hoods over electronic platform signs, where visually impaired commuters can hear details of the next train.  Kezia also requested standardised open and close buttons on train toilet doors, which currently cause difficulties for blind users, as they are all different.  Keith Brown responded that there is already an automated system in place but that Network Rail are not aware of any sound hoods being used in the UK.  You can read more of this response by clicking on the link above.

Letter from Duncan McNeil re Call for Parliamentary Investigation into Mortonhall

Kezia wrote to Duncan McNeil, Convener of the Health & Sport Committee, asking them to look into the public policy around neonatal, still born death and cremation. In this reply, Duncan McNeil notes that the committee have formally written to the Public Health Minister. More on this soon.

Mortonhall Interim Report

A number of constituents have contacted Kezia regarding the scandal at the Mortonhall Crematorium. This interim report from the Council details work undertaken so far and details what will happen next. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hestitate to get in touch with Kezia by calling 0131 3486894 or emailing [email protected]

Edinburgh City Council on Mortonhall Crematorium

Letter from Edinburgh Council confirming an investigation into claims that the ashes of stillborn babies were disposed of and their cremations unrecorded.

Derek McKay on Portobello High School

Kezia wrote to the Scottish Government asking them to consider all possible avenues to support City of Edinburgh Council’s plans to build the new Portobello High School on Portobello Park. One of the options Kezia asked the Scottish Government to explore was the its power to “advance well-being” under the 2003 Local Government Act. The Scottish Government’s response is available in the above link.

Closure of Acorns Nursery

Kezia had been contacted by constituents concerned about the closure of Acorns nursery, located on-site at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. She wrote to NHS Lothian asking for the reasons behind this decision. The reply of NHS Lothian Director of Communications and Public Affairs can be found here. Kezia also recieved a response from NHS Lothian Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development which can be found here.

Noise levels at the Craigentinny/Portobello Rail Depot

Kezia was sent the above letter outlining the cause of the increased disruption to local residents near the rail depot at Craigentinny/Portobello.  East Coast have put together a wide range of measures to improve the situation and appear to be listening closely to local concerns.

Brunstane Road South/Milton Road East Yellow Box

During a recent roving surgery in the Brunstane estate, a number of residents commented on how difficult it was for residents to turn in to the traffic at the top of Brunstane Road South at peak times because of discourteous drivers pulling in to the yellow box junction, blocking passage. Kezia raised this issue with the Police who have committed to do more checks at peak times to try and alleviate the situation. More detail available by clicking the link above.

Abbeyhill Bridge works

Increasingly frustrated by the slow pace and constant mess at Abbeyhill Bridge, Kezia wrote to City of Edinburgh Council about the delays.  In this reply, they explain that the poor weather has slowed the work, and they hope to conclude it as quicly as possible.

Bin Uplift Changes in Edinburgh 

Kezia has been sent the following briefing, FAQs and leaflet by the City of Edinburgh Council.  They outline changes which are being made to refuse collection in an attempt to drive up recycling rates.

Bus services in Joppa 

Following changes to bus services following changes and cutbacks in First Bus, Kezia contacted Lothian Buses to seek assurances about the quality of bus provision for Joppa.  She received this reply.

Newlandrig Speed Limit

Kezia received the above reponse regarding a new 30mph speed limit which has been introduced in Newlandrig.

New Ownership of Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport’s new owners, Global Infrastructure Partners, wrote to Kezia outlining their vision for the future of Edinburgh Airport and how it can contribute to the region’s economic success.  Kezia hopes that they can realise their ambitions of an even better airport which services the regions strategic interests well.

Changes to bus services in East Lothian and Midlothian

Kezia has received a letter from the Minister for Transport in which he talks about the changes to bus services in East and Midlothian and defends The Scottish Government’s changes to Bus Service Operators Grant which has created difficulties for some routes.

Abbeyhill Bridge

Seeking an update to her ongoing correspondence regarding works at Abbeyhill Bridge, Kezia received this letter from Edinburgh Council.  Work there is currently scheduled to finish on the 12th August, and you can even view a timetable here!

Doorstep Sales People

Kezia has been contacted by a constituent bothered by door-to-door sales people in Midlothian.  This is the response she received from Superintendent Kevin Murray to her concerns.

Scottish Defence League proposed March in Edinburgh

Kezia is concerned about a propsed protest in May by the Scottish Defence League through the centre of Edinburgh, as she has written about previously here.  This letter from the City of Edinburgh Council outlines the processes which they have to go through if they are to march.

Letter from Edinburgh City Council on Abbeyhill Railway Bridge

The latest correspondence from Edinburgh City Council re this  ongoing saga is above. The area has now been added to the weekly cleansing schedule.

Cleaning Up Abbeyhill Bridge

Kezis has successfully lobbied to ‘pigeon proof’ Abbeyhill Bridge.  However, in the time taken to make the necessary changes, the pigeons have messed  the area again.  Kez has asked the City of Edinburgh council to act to improve this situation.

‘Dressing’ the East End of Princes’ Street

Concerned by the impression given by the empty retail units at the East End of Princes’ Street, Kezia wrote to Edinburgh City Council’s Economic Development Committee convenor suggesting that the area could be aesthetically improved by ‘dressing’ the empty shops, as had been successfully achieved during recent works on the Waverly Steps.  The council has agreed with Kez and it has been agreed to improve the situation soon.

Abbeyhill Station?

Keen to improve transport in Edinburgh, Kezia wrote to the Scottish Government to ask about the possibility of a passenger station where the railway passes through Abbeyhill in Edinburgh.  The response she recieved from Keith Brown, Minister for Housing and Transport can be found here.

Sue Bruce on Tram Inquiry Information

Kez wrote to the Chief Executive of the City of Edinburgh Council about reports of information relating to Edinburgh’s troubled tram project being destroyed before any inquiry could look at them.  Her response can be found here.

Disabled People on Princes Street during tramworks

Kezia wrote to the council Chief Executive about difficulties faced by disabled people during the tramworks in Princes Street, in particular blind people.  The response from the council’s Director of City development is attached here.

Gilmerton Post Office

Kezia received a letter from the Post Office regarding their decision to relocate Gilmerton’s Post Office.  They are aware of cencerns about the new facilities but have reassured Kezia that they have taken as many steps as possible to ensure that the community will be well served.

Cllr Edie on carers and the Change Fund

Kezia wrote to City of Edinburgh Council’s Convenor of the Health, Social Care and Housing Committee, Councillor Paul Edie, to highlight concerns about the use of the Change Fund and ensuring carers and third sector organisations working with carers are properly resourced.  Cllr Edie’s reply is linked here.


Edinburgh City Council on Road Running

Kezia received concerns that the Council was changing it’s official policy towards road running - whether it be individuals or organised events such as fun runs and marathons. Please find the Council’s response above. 

Keith Brown on a Trams Inquiry

Kez wrote to Keith Brown, minister for Housing and Transport, to press him on her calls for a public inquiry into Edinburgh’s Trams.  His response can be found here.

Privatisation of Edinburgh Council services

Kezia wrote to the Finance Secretary John Swinney asking about the processes involved with the tendering of Council Services by the City of Edinburgh Council.  His response can be found here.

Regenerating Edinburgh’s Waterfront

I wrote to the City of Edinburgh Council to ask them what their plans were to facilitate the redevelopment of Edinburgh’s Waterfront now that we know that trams will stop in St Andrew’s Square.  The response from Greg Ward, the Council’s Head of Economic Development can be found here.

Jenny Dawe on the privatisation of City of Edinburgh Council services

Kezia wrote to Jenny Dawe, Leader of City of Edinburgh Council, because of concerns around the privatisation of front line services.  Cllr Dawe’s response is attached here

Response from the First Minister about a Trams Inquiry

I receieved this response from the First Minister after writing to him requesting a meeting about the public inquiry into the Edinburgh Trams project, which he agreed to at First Minister’s Questions in June.

Response from Lord Fraser about a Trams Inquiry

I wrote to Lord Fraser, who led the Inquiry into the building of the Scottish Parliament, asking him for advice and his views on an Inquiry looking at Edinburgh’s embattled tram project.


Response from Job Centre Plus

The Department of Work and Pensions is currently proposing to close 22 Job Centres across the UK, one of which is in Edinburgh. Kezia challenged the reasoning behind closing one in Edinburgh and here’s the response she received.

Network Rail Response to bird poo problem in Abbeyhill

- Kezia wrote to Network Rail following complaints from constituents. I have since followed up this issue with Edinburgh City Council and am waiting for a response.

Council response to dangerous junction at Abbeymount

- Like the issue of bird poo above, a number of residents have contacted Kezia regarding the dangerous junction between Abbeyhill and Abbeymount. Motorists and Cyclists will be pleased to know that the Council now accept the junction as substandard and it will have improvements by March 2012. Full details in the letter above.

Dog Fouling – Following complaints from constituents Kezia wrote to the Police and the Council regarding their policy towards persistant dog foulers – or at least their owners. Their responses can be found by following the links.

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