Human Rights & International Issues

On these pages you will find a series of responses which Kezia has received from Government Ministers, Councillors/Council Officials and relevant agences following representations she has made to them about Human Rights and international issues issues.

If you would like Kezia to raise an issue on your behalf - get in touch.

Home Office ‘Go Home’ Literature

Kezia wrote on behalf of a constituent to the Home Office, highlighting concerns about Glasgow being chosen as a pilot for new literature designed to ‘encourage take up of voluntary departure’. You can read the reply she received from the Immigration Minister Mark Harper MP by clicking on the link above.

Awards of Financial Assistance to Eden Springs 

Kez wrote on behalf of a concerned constitutent enquiring about financial assistance given to Eden Springs UK Plc, a company with ties to Israel. The response from Fergus Ewing is found here.

Malawi and the London 2012 Paralympics

After hearing that Malawi sadly had to withdraw from the London 2012 Paralympics, Kezia wrote to the Minister for External Affairs and International Development asking if the Scottish Government, in accordance with Scotland’s ‘special relationship’ with Malawi, could have offered any assistance. This is his response.

Euro in an Independent Scotland

Kez wrote to the Scottish Government asking for clarification of their position on currency in an independent Scotland.  The response, from Finance Secretary John Swinney can be found here.

Justice Secretary’s response to Trafficking

Following a meeting with the EU Anti-Trafficking Co-ordinator, Myria Vassiliadou and the Children’s Commissioner Tam Baillie, Kezia wrote to Kenny MacAskill to ask how Scotland was preparing for a new EU Directive on Trafficking.

Fiona Hyslop on UN Women’s Agency

Kezia is a member of ACTsa (Action for Southern Africa) who are currently running a campaign on ensuring that the new UN Women’s Agency is properly funded. She wrote to the Scottish Government to find out what they were doing to support the new agency and the Minister’s response is available to read here.


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