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On these pages you will find a series of responses which Kezia has received from Government Ministers, Councillors/Council Officials and relevant agences following representations she has made to them about health and sports issues.


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Alex Salmond on Scottish Government Childcare Proposals

Kezia wrote to the First Minister asking him to detail his Government’s childcare proposals as outlined in the White Paper.

Alex Neil responds on stroke patient care

Kezia wrote to Cabinet Secretary for Health Alex Neil on behalf of constituents regarding the Stroke Association’s ‘Feeling Overwhelmed’ campaign and care for stroke survivors and their families. The Cabinet Secretary’s response outlines the latest on this issue, you can read the full letter by clicking on the above link.


Kenny MacAskill on Cycle Safety and the case of Gary McCourt

Following letters from constituents concerned by the lenient sentencing of Gary McCourt for the dangerous driving which led to the death of Audrey Fyfe, Kezia wrote to Kenny MacAskill to raise concerns about the case and the wider issues around cycling, safety and the criminal justice system. The above link takes you to a helpful response from the Cabinet Secretary for Justice.


Fiona Hyslop MSP on ‘Alive After Five’ in Edinburgh

Kezia wrote to request that the National Galleries and Museums could open later as part of Edinburgh Council’s “Alive After Five” campaign. The response of Fiona Hyslop MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs, can be seen above.


Kezia has received this reassuring letter from the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland.  In it, they set out how they treat and define cases of cyber-bullying.

BSkyB bid

Kezia wrote to the Scottish Government asking about the links between The Government and Rupert Murdoch’s BSkyB bid.  The Government has defended its close involvement with the case, and there is a link in the response which fully exposes the close links between The Government and BSkyB.

Drugs and Alcohol Treatment Services 

The above letter from Nicola Sturgeon details the services available and offered by the NHS to help battle Scotland’s drugs and alchol problems.

Campaign to tackle HIV Stigma

Kezia wrote to Michael Matheson, the Minister for Public Health, and called for a campaign to tackle HIV stigma following correspondence with a constituent, as well as after her experience on the Cross Party Group on Sexual Health.  Kezia was delighted to receive the linked response from the minister, which announced a campaign which will run later in 2012.

Full PWC Report into NHS Waiting Times fiddle

Please find above a full copy of the PWC report into the NHS Waiting times debacle. More info here.

Food Labeling

Kezia wrote to the UK Department of Health about food labeling.  Their response can be read here.

Flu Vaccines at Chalmers Street Sexual Health Clinic

Kez got in touch with NHS Lothian’s sexual health service to raise concerns over HIV/AIDS sufferers not always getting a flu vaccine.  She received the following response, which also mentionned the centre’s signage which Kez has previously raised concerns about.

Disabilities in Sport and Cycling

Kez wrote to Shona Robison.  In Ms Robison’s reply outlines current opportunities for disabled people to get into sport, in particular cycling.

Orthodontic Treatment

Following new guidelines on the provision of orthodontic treatment Kez wrote to NHS Lothian as she was particularly concerned about the new guidelines preventing those on lower incomes accessing treatment.  The response from the Lothian NHS Board can be read here.

Olympic Rings on Edinburgh Castle

Kez is very excited about the Olympics, as you can read here.  She wrote to Historic Scotland to ask about alternative sites for the Olympic Rings logo which was rejected for Edinburgh Castle, their response on the topic can be read here.

Changes to Orthodontic treatment

Concerned by new criteria, which makes it more difficult to access free orthodontic treatment, Kez wrote to the Scottish Government.  Their response is here.

Alasdair Allan on the Government’s Autism Strategy

Kez wrote to the Government regarding the Autism Strategy, and you can read the response from the Minister at the above link.

Changes trialled at Sick Kids’ A & E

Kez wrote to NHS Lothian following their trial of new systems at the Sick Kids’ A&E.  Their response and findings following the trail can be read here.

Running events on public roads

After being contacted by concerned constituents Kezia wrote to Lothian and borders Police for their position on and processes for running events on public roads.  Their response is here.

Alasdair Allan on the Government’s Autism Strategy

Kez wrote to the Government regarding the Autism Strategy, and you can read the response from the Minister at the above link.

Terms and conditions in the Scottish Ambulance Service

Kezia wrote to the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing seeking clarification of the status and terms and conditions of the Scottish Ambulance Service staff.  The Cabinet Secretary has replied and her response is linked here.

Breast Cancer care in NHS Lothian

Kezia is concerned about changes in care for women with breast cancer in the Lothian area and wrote to the Chief Executive to highlight some of these.  The response is linked here.

Chalmers Sexual Health Centre

Kezia wrote to Michael Matheson, the Minister for Public health about the early problems and issues surrounding the new sexual health service at Chalmers Street in Edinburgh, which Kez has also blogged about.  The Minister’s response can be read here.

Changes to Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA)

The AALA is being abolished by the UK Government.   The AALA gives both famillies and providers alike assurances that adventure activity holidays are delivered to national standards.  In response to concerns received in the post bag Kezia contacted the Scottish Government to intervene.  The Sports Ministers’ reply is here.

Nicola Sturgeon on Elsie Inglis care home terms and conditions

Echoing many public concerns about the terms and conditions of staff at the Elsie Inglis care home, Kezia wrote the Cabinet Secretary, Nicola Sturgeon, to seek clarity on the issue.  The response is attached here.

Public Health Minister’s letter on Chalmers Street Sexual Health Clinic

Kezia has received several concerns from constituents about the Chalmers St Sexual Health Clinic and wrote to the Minister for Public Health to highlight them; his response is here.  Kezia also spoke out on STV news and the Edinbugh Evening News on the issue.

Update from James Barbour, Chief Executive of NHS Lothian on Sexual Health Service concerns.

In this post, Kezia highlighted some teething problems with the new Chalmers Street clinic following complaints from constituents. A detailed response to these concerns is available above.

Lord Patten and the BBC Trust on BBC Alba

Kezia is committed to public broadcasting and therefore had great concerns over the BBC Trust’s decision on BBC Alba.  The response to a letter from Kezia to Lord Patten, Chairman of the Trust is here.


Health Secretary’s response to tragic death at Elsie Inglis’s Nursing Home

Following the death of a 59 year old woman at Elsie Inglis, Kezia wrote to Nicola Sturgeon highlighting some concerns and seeking reassurance regarding the Government’s response to her tragic death.

Sports Scotland letter on funding for local sports facilities

Following a meeting with Lochend Football Club, Kezia tabled questions in Parliament to detail Government funding available for local sports facilities. The Sports Minister asked Sports Scotland to respond and this is what they had to say.

Michael Matheson on HIV Funding

Kezia wrote to the Public Health Minister seeking clarity on the issue of funding for HIV services. She was keen to find out just how much money was focused on prevention work instead of treatment and support services. Take a look at the Minister’s response for answers.

Roseanna Cunningham on Naloxone.

Naloxone is powerful drug which can reverse the effects of a heroin overdose, saving lives. After a successful pilot, the Government is now rolling out the use of this drug across Scotland. Kezia wrote to the Minister seeking assurance that the Government was working to ensure that the drug is in the hands of everyone likely to be in direct contact with people at risk of overdosing, namely support works and families of drugs users.

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