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Kezia hopes to be as transparent and accessible as possible. On these pages you will find a series of responses she has received from Government Ministers, Councillors/Council Officials and relevant agences following representations she has made to them.

If you would like Kezia to raise an issue on your behalf - get in touch.

(Naturally, this is not an exhaustive list. Some issues are sensitive or specific to individual constituents - but where it can be shared, it will.)

Alex Salmond on Childcare

Kezia wrote to the First Minister asking him to outline in detail the Scottish Government’s Childcare proposals.

Alex Salmond on Payday Loans

Kezia recently wrote to Alex Salmond MSP with regards to claims that half of his SNP Government seem focused on attempting to address the havoc and hardship these companies cause whilst the other half is handing cash over to prop up and validate their practises following the governmented awarding £1.2million to Portfolio Recovery Associates.

Broadband Speeds in Midlothian

Kezia recently wrote to the Nicola Sturgeon MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure, Investment and Cities with regards to the growing number of constituents contacting her about slow broadband in the Midlothian region. Kezia asked what the Scottish Government planned to do for those households and small businesses that were struggling already with slow broadband speeds. The response can be found by clicking the link above.

Road Crossing Times

Following a number of constituents getting in touch about their concerns that street crossing times were unsuitable for those unable to cross quickly, Kezia wrote to the UK Department of Transport asking about their policy on the matter. The response from Parliamentary Under Secretary of State Robert Goodwill MP can be found by clicking the link above.

Cycling Safety

Following a recent debate on Strict Liability in the Scottish Parliament. Kezia wrote to the Scottish Government’s Transport Minister regarding cycling safety and Easter Road in particular. Above is the response from the Scottish Government.

Religious Observance in Schools

Kezia recently wrote to Alasdair Allan about concerns that some schools were failing to fully inform parents of their right to withdraw children from religious observance. The letter also touches on the terminology used, and discusses whether ‘Time for Reflection’ may be more appropriate.

Police Scotland Response to Portobello Police Station Enquiry

Kezia recently wrote to Police Scotland on behalf of constituents who had pointed out that Portobello Police Station sometimes had it’s front doors closed during operational hours.

Decisions on Primary School Closures

Kezia recently wrote to Mike Russell MSP, the Cabinet Secretary for Education, with her concerns about his decision making powers over schools that were at the heart of the recent by-election in Dunfermline and with wider questions about neutrality in closure decisions. His response can be found above.

Home Office ‘Go Home’ Literature

Kezia wrote on behalf of a constituent to the Home Office, highlighting concerns about Glasgow being chosen as a pilot for new literature designed to ‘encourage take up of voluntary departure’. You can read the reply she received from the Immigration Minister Mark Harper MP by clicking on the link above.

Cyberbullying response from Alasdair Allan

Kezia wrote to the Minister for an update on what the Scottish Government were doing on the issue of cyber-bullying. You can read the response by clicking the link above.

Police Scotland response regarding Portobello Police Station

Kezia wrote to Police Scotland regarding the future of Portobello Police Station outlining her concerns that it would be closed or hours severely cut back. Read the response from Police Scotland above.




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