I’m a working Mum with two children, I have an  8 years old son and a 3 years old daughter. My eldest is in school and my youngest goes to playgroup for a few hours per day. Lucy loves her playgroup but it doesn’t provide me with the sort of childcare I need.

I have to work two jobs to make sure someone is there for my children when they finish play group and school. I finish work at half one but I’m back out  by 6 o’clock to my other job, only giving me  a couple of hours to spend quality time with them to cook their tea. My childcare costs £48 a week and we can’t afford any more, even though more childcare would be great for our family.

I would love a more wrap around service. A place Lucy and my son Dylan could go after playgroup and school would be great, it would mean I could work average hours and would be able to spend more time with them but also that they could interact with other children too. I would love a service which is what I need not a service which is just sometimes convenient.

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