“I am a mother of 3 children and I pay over £700 a month for 2 days of childcare a week for two of my kids, who are 1 and 3 years old. I have one day off work a week and use my parents the other two to keep costs down. I couldn’t work if they couldn’t help. My issue at the moment is getting the funded place that my 3 year old daughter, Lucy, is entitled to. My local council do give funding to partnership private nurseries to provide places but funding for my daughters nursery place has been refused.

It is simply not an option for me, as a working mother, to accept a funded nursery place at a council-run nursery because they do not have the resources to provide wrap-around care. I would have to send my daughter to a child-minder or other form of childcare before 8am and have them transport her to the council nursery to receive her 2.5 hours of care.  At the end of the session, I would have to arrange to have her picked up and cared for until I finished work.

If we are unable to accept a funded place at a council run nursery and are denied a funded place altogether could lead to us having to fund Lucy’s childcare solely ourselves, our budget will be stretched even further during these difficult economic times.”Not only is cost and time of childcare problems but the effect on Lucy’s wellbeing. For a three year old this type of care would be very disruptive and unsettling, not to mention nonsensical in terms of continuity of care and education. Lucy already attends this nursery and is very happily settled there (as is her 14 month old brother). Also the fact that it is a partnership nursery, meaning it could provide continuity of care for Lucy from my return to work after maternity leave to her pre-school education.  Her older sister attended this nursery for the same reason and was funded without question.

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