What’s Next?

Debtbusters has always been a campaign run by it’s activists and following our latest victory we want you to decide where we go next. Please complete the following poll and use the space provided on the second page to provide anymore comments or suggestions on what we can do next! It could be trying to kick payday loan companies out of Sport - campaigning to make sure they don’t appear on children’s replica kits or to stop payday loan companies advertising at next years Commonwealth Games. Or we could look at improving financial education in our schools - making sure that our future generations know how dangerous these companies really are, not just their catchy tunes from their advertisements. Or how about looking into encouraging people to boycott using shops that offer cheap exchange rates for foreign currency, a market that many shops already offering payday loans have now entered into to continue to prop up their payday loan business! We need your suggestions and comments to continue to take the Debtbusters campaign forward! 


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