Payday Texts?

Kezia has been working tirelessly with the Debtbusters payday loan petition collecting the 1000 signatures needed to ensure that Edinburgh City Council would hear the 5 point Debtbusters plan and yet another new concern is coming forward.

Kezia and the Debtbusters team have recently been alerted to a growing issue in the payday loans industry which is affecting a great many people – unsolicited texts and calls offering payday loans.

If you’ve ever had a text message offering you money or a phone call from a number you don’t recognise, it could be from a new type of company called a ‘lead generation company’.

What they do is data mine for phone numbers from wherever they can get them and then bombard people with texts offering money. They don’t lend money themselves but if you reply saying you are interested, they will sell your details to payday loan companies as someone whose very likely to take out a loan. Outrageous stuff!

At a recent meeting with Ofcom, Kezia raised this issue and was provided with this very helpful advice.

 Who is sending these messages?

It appears that these messages are being sent by lead generation companies; these are companies that search for people who will respond to their messages in order to sell their details on.

How did they get your details?

In the majority of cases, these companies do not have your details, they are simply sending out these messages to as many numbers as they can in the hope of eventually finding someone to which their message will cause a response.

Are these messages legal?

Simply, no, these companies are sending messages to people who do not want them and have not agreed to be contacted as such whilst failing to identify who they are when contacting people.

What should you do?

If you are recieving these unwanted messages, you shouldn’t just ignore them, they tend to not go away. The best thing to do is report them to the Information Commissioners Office. You can do this by filling out an online form that can be found HERE

How can you stop receiving the messages?

This is unfortunately the tricky part, though you can report the numbers to your network provider, the method of contact that these companies use means that they numbers they make use of can regularly change meaning that you still may face these messages after reporting the problem. Please do report them to the Information Commissioners Office as stated above.

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