Debtbuster Donations

Kezia runs a campaign called Debtbusters which exists to do 3 things:1) Take on Payday lenders street by street

2) Promote & support Credit Unions

3) Improve Debt relief.

It’s been going for nearly 2 years now and has achieved some great things. But we want to do so much more, especially in the run up to Christmas where people are feeling the pinch.


We had 5000 of these leaflets 3 months ago - now we’ve got just 30 left. Can you help us fund another print run by donating £10?

How has Debtbusters been funded so far?Well there’s not been a huge amount of expenditure really, but we have organised events, printed banners and t-shirts, bought a shark costume and produced different types of leaflets, including the ones above. We’ve received the following donations from the following organisations to date:

Edinburgh Eastern Constituency Labour Party
Coop Party
Unite the Union
Community Trade Union



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