Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer quality checklist

Kezia realises that as the most common cancer amongst men in the UK, inequalities of care for men diagnosed with prostate cancer across Scotland are a huge concern. That is why she supports Prostate Cancer UK’s campaign to get local health boards to adopt their quality checklist, to ensure that anyone diagnosed gets the standard of care they deserve.

Kez has written to the chief executive of NHS Lothian asking him if they will adopt the checklist, and make it available to men diagnosed with prostate cancer, so they can be sure they are getting a proper standard of care.

Prostate Cancer Pledge

Kez was proud to sign the Prostate Cancer Charity Scotland’s pledge to support the 27000 men, and their loved ones, who are diagnosed with the disease in Scotland every year.  The pledges, which were also supported by many of Kez’s labour colleagues, including Shadow health secretary Jackie Baillie and Labour Leader Johann Lamont, can be seen below:

Pledge 1: Every eligible man should have the opportunity to make an informed choice about the PSA test.

Pledge 2: All men with prostate cancer should have access to a full range of ‘Gold Standard’ treatment options and support services.

Pledge 3: Every man with prostate cancer should have a named specialist nurse and access to high quality, tailored information.

Pledge 4: There should be more research into the causes, diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.

Pledge 5: Robust data should be collected and published on the use of treatments in       prostate cancer and the outcomes achieved.

Kez believes that every man diagnosed with the devastating news that he is suffering from prostate cancer should be treated to the highest standards by the NHS, and that every effort should be made to improve detection.  Appropriate support should be extended to everyone, not just some.