Assisted Suicide

I have received a great deal of correspondence on this issue from both sides of the debate, and would like to clarify my position further.

This is a contentious and divisive issue, and for that reason I believe politicians – particularly those who support the principle – have been afraid of debating it openly. The organisation of certain religious groups in campaigning against it has also made nuanced and sensitive debate more difficult.

However it is one that I firmly believe politicians and the public should discuss, and at a level of detail and scrutiny that such a serious issue warrants. That’s why I hope Margo’s bill will secure enough support to proceed to the next stage where such detailed examination of the issues can be take place.

Providing a space for our democratically elected policitians to discuss assisted suicide allows us to have a wider debate around palliative care and what it means to die with dignity. As we continue to live longer, due to both improved living standards and advances in medicine, this issue will only increase with regards to its prevalence and importance.

It’s exactly because my mind is not made up that I want Margo’s bill to advance to the next stage.

For more details about Margo MacDonald MSP’s proposed Bill, including the consultation and list of supporters, visit this page.

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