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In this section you can find all Kezia’s latest speeches, articles and personal blogs on her work as an MSP for the Lothian Region and as Leader of the Scottish Labour Party.

Letter to the First Minister

I’ve used my weekly column in today’s Daily Record to write to the First Minister urging her to 'get back to governing' instead of pushing for another divisive referendum. You can read the letter in full below.  Dear Nicola,  Last week you wrote a letter to the Prime...

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Referendum Debate - 28th March 2017

Let’s not pretend that this SNP-Green push for another divisive referendum reflects the will of the Scottish people. Because it doesn’t. Eighty-five per cent of the population voted in the last referendum, and we voted decisively to remain in the UK. That’s the will...

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Visit to Cardiff University - 29th March 2017

Delighted to be in Cardiff today alongside former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones, Labour’s Cabinet Office spokesman Jon Trickett and former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott outlining our plans to strengthen the bonds of the UK, and...

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Keep Me Posted Campaign- Why it matters

It is a sad but true fact that we are living in an increasingly technological world, where big business is the top priority instead of fairness and accessibility for consumers. Whether you require copies of bills and bank statements for benefit forms, as proof of...

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Daily Record Column - 28th March 2017

Today the SNP and their Green colleagues will force a vote through the Scottish Parliament on calling a divisive second independence referendum. Tomorrow, Theresa May will formally begin the process of the UK leaving the European Union. In their own ways, the...

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Letter to Prime Minister - 27 March 2017

I have written to Prime Minister Theresa May to outline the best Brexit deal for Scotland ahead of Article 50 being triggered this week. In my letter, I have urged the UK Government to secure a deal ‘that allows us to retain what is best about our relationship with...

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Britain Remains an Open and Tolerant Nation

No matter the religion, nationality or identity of the attacker, this cannot and must not turn into a war on any one community.   Bringing people together must be part of the solution to tackling terror, rather than creating further division within communities.   We...

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Daily Record Column - 21 March 2017

  TOMORROW, Scottish Labour MSPs will vote against a second independence referendum. I don’t want to see a repeat of the divisions that caused families, friends and colleagues to fall out and saw communities split down the middle in 2014. No bus, no train, no...

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