Sitting Room Surgeries

Kezia is aiming to give 7000 households a year the opportunity to raise concerns with her directly at one of her innovative ‘Sitting Room Surgeries’, delivering democracy to constituents’ living room, with all queries welcome. 

Kezia realises that traditional surgeries may not be convenient for everybody, and so far at her ‘Sitting Room Surgeries’ she has been taken up a number of issues including: speed bumps, trams, racial discrimination laws, learner drivers on the road, the currency in an independent Scotland, apprenticeships, sectarianism, pleural plaques, school standards, repairs to council houses, support for dementia sufferers, wheelie bin availability,  the lack of audiology services and anti-social neighbours. 

A diversity of issues reflecting a diversity of constituent interests.

Track her progress towards her target of 7000 by May 2012 here.

As  of the 14th of March 2012, Kez has surpassed her total of 7000 houses in a year, giving 7016 households a chance to speak to her from the convenience of their own home.

 A fresh programme of roving surgeries will begin after the Local Government elections in May, with a new target set for the year 2012/13.

Kezia also offers surgeries in the Scottish Parliament on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month between 9am and 11am. No appointment necessary.

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"Kezia Dugdale has taken a real lead on the issue of fair internships. Unlike other politicians who talk a good game, we are delighted that Kezia is putting her words about internships into action. By paying interns the Living Wage, having a transparent recruitment process and offering a variet of interesting work, we are confident interns will get a great experience – and Kezia will get great interns! "

Ben Lyons - Co-Director of Intern Aware

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