Scottish Labour MSP for the Lothian region, Kezia Dugdale MSP has welcomed the overwhelming response from Edinburgh residents who have supported the U.K. Parliament petition calling for Article 50 to be revoked and for the U.K. to stay in the E.U.

Edinburgh North and Leith is among the top ten constituencies in the UK to show support for the revoke article 50 petition. The anti-Brexit petition has now gathered the support of over 5.9 million signatures from across the U.K.
Edinburgh North and Leith shows the highest support in Scotland for anti-Brexit petition and places 8th, U.K. wide. Elsewhere in Edinburgh, support for the petition is relatively high compared to the rest of the UK, with 20,161 backing it in Edinburgh South and 19.050 in favour in Edinburgh East.

Commenting on the petition figures, Kezia Dugdale MSP said:
“Edinburgh overwhelmingly backed remaining in the E.U. in 2016 and it’s not surprising that tens of thousands of local people have now signed the petition calling for Parliament to revoke Article 50 and remain in the European Union.
“I’ve been a long standing supporter of putting the final Brexit deal to the people in a public vote, either leaving with the Prime Ministers deal or remaining in the European Union.
“The best way to protect jobs and the economy here in Edinburgh is for us to stay in the European Union. The public have clearly rejected the prospect of crashing out with a damaging no deal Brexit and it’s now time to put the decision back to the people.”
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