A party who can’t come to terms with the election result, with public support in freefall, completely out of ideas and running out of time.

That certainly applies to Theresa May’s Tories, with her Cabinet in open warfare.

But it also applies to Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP, who, after 10 years in office, have become a stale and frightened Government.

Scots are fed up with the First Minister’s performance running our schools, which have 4000 fewer teachers, our hospitals, which have unacceptable waiting times, and our public services, with £170million being cut from budgets this year alone.

The only party – both in Scotland and the UK – with new ideas to improve lives is the Labour Party.

That’s why in the past three weeks alone we have unveiled a new industrial strategy, a five-point plan to tackle working poverty, and established an expert-led workforce commission to find solutions to the staffing crisis in our NHS.

We remain on an election footing across the UK, and Jeremy Corbyn is leading a government-in-waiting in Westminster.

Jeremy will join me in Scotland next month as we target more gains from all parties in Scotland.

The reaction to this from the Nationalist ranks has been incredibly telling.

They are in panic mode.

Some are so arrogant and have such a sense of entitlement that they can’t understand why Labour would dare to challenge them.

And then, in yesterday’s Daily Record, Nationalist MP Mhairi Black moaned that Labour have the temerity to campaign against the SNP.

And she had the cheek to call on Labour to “drive forward progressive policies”

Mhairi may talk left-wing in the Westminster chamber but the SNP act right-wing when in government. Just ask the Tory hedge-fund donor who gave election cash to her Westminster leader, Ian Blackford.

There is nothing progressive, Mhairi, about a party who turn Holyrood into a conveyor belt for Tory cuts.

Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon have cut £1.5billion from local services since 2011.

There is nothing progressive, Mhairi, about voting against a top 50p rate of income tax in Scotland, like your MSP colleagues did.

There is nothing progressive Mhairi, about adopting Tory party education policies for Scotland’s schools. There is nothing progressive, Mhairi, about voting against giving NHS workers in Scotland a pay rise, like your MSP colleagues did.

And there is nothing progressive, Mhairi, about seeking to break up the United Kingdom and inflict a further £15billion of austerity measures on families in an independent Scotland.

What is progressive is a £10-an-hour minimum wage, a fairer taxation system, investment in education and the end of the public sector pay cap across the UK – all policies that only Labour will deliver. Of course, the real reason that Mhairi is panicking is because she knows her Paisley and Renfrewshire South seat is just one of many that Labour is targeting in the next election.

Rather than complaining about Labour, her time would be better spent complaining to Sturgeon about why the SNP are failing so many Scots.

This article first appeared in the Daily Record newspaper on the 15th of July 2017


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