No matter the religion, nationality or identity of the attacker, this cannot and must not turn into a war on any one community.
Bringing people together must be part of the solution to tackling terror, rather than creating further division within communities.
We must send a strong message that Britain remains an open and tolerant nation that is home to people of all faiths and nationalities.
The best message we can send following this terrorist attack is that we will remain true to the values of tolerance and integration, freedom and solidarity.
Westminster means different things to different people.
Our Houses of Parliament are a beacon of democracy for so many around the world. They represent freedom, tolerance and the rule of law.
But Westminster is also a place of work for cleaners, catering staff, janitors, police officers, administrators and many more.
Many public servants all across Britain are going to work today concerned about the safety of others – including police officers, nurses and teachers.
It’s essential that everything that can be done is being done to ensure the safety of public servants.
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