Many constituents have recently contacted me with regards to the proposed development for New Parliament House, 5-7 Regent Road Edinburgh (the former Royal High School).

I can confirm I am against the proposed development for a new hotel on this site.

I did not support the first hotel proposal from Duddingston House Properties and was encouraged when it was voted down by the Planning Committee at City of Edinburgh Council. Rightly Historic Environment Scotland and many other and heritage groups have also been against the development from the beginning.

I believe the scale, density and height of the new building would have an adverse effect on the listed buildings and the open space and we should be aiming to protect such an iconic landmark in our beautiful city. The design and materials of the new buildings do not reflect the character of the listed building and the area, and the benefits of the new buildings do not outweigh the changes to or loss of the old ones.

The second hotel proposal is a great disappointment. Not only has the advice from planning and heritage professionals been ignored, the views of the public have been set aside.

I have submitted by objections to the Council’s Planning Department and would encourage others to do so by the 24th March deadline.

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