It has been ten months since the election, yet parents and teachers still remain in the dark about the SNP’s plans for our schools.

Just this week it was confirmed that the Education Bill and the review into how Scotland’s schools are run have been kicked into the long grass.

Education was Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘defining mission’. But the reality is that education is defining this SNP government as indecisive and distracted.

Nobody can deny that John Swinney has been busy. He has launched an improvement framework, a governance review and an advertising campaign. The Education Secretary just hasn’t done anything in the way of improving our schools.

Since May, the SNP government has launched more than 120 consultations and reviews. That’s three-a-week.

The Enterprise Review alone has spawned three more reviews. The Health and Social Care Delivery plan has four reviews within it. There is even a review into the review of fracking.

This might make sense if this was a new government, but the SNP has been in office for ten years.

We all know the First Minister only has one thing on her mind and that’s forcing another independence referendum on the people of Scotland. But teachers and parents want her to stop talking about governing and start doing some governing.

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