The Sutton Trust exposes the SNP’s catastrophic failure on education. In the subjects most important to growing Scotland’s economy in the future, young people are being let down.

Despite the hard work of pupils and teachers, the SNP’s failure is there for all to see. Nicola Sturgeon said education would be her defining priority, yet her government is failing a whole generation of children.

If we want to give all young people a chance in life then we need to invest in them. That means investing in local services like schools.

But what we get from the SNP is £1.5 billion worth of cuts since 2011.

The Sutton Trust report proves beyond all doubt that teachers need more support to give young people the skills they need for the future. But under the Nationalists there are 4,000 fewer teachers in Scotland and we’ve lost 826 science and maths teachers since the SNP took office in 2007.

Here’s the SNP’s record: teacher numbers are down and the attainment gap is widening. The only thing on the up under the SNP is cuts to schools.

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