TOMORROW, the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham will stage an event to “celebrate the Union”.

An event held by the very same party responsible for putting our Union in peril once again.

If anyone needs a reminder of the bare-faced cheek of the Tories , look no further.

They promised to stand up for the Union in May’s election, months after pushing through English Votes for English Laws (EVEL).

EVEL is a mechanism in the House of Commons that has created two classes of MPs for the first time, barring Scots MPs from having a vote on certain issues.

It was a kneejerk response to UKIP’s English nationalism and means Scotland is now half-in/half-out of Britain’s lawmaking process. It was constitutional vandalism of the very worst kind.

The Tories were also responsible for a despicable general election campaign in 2015, during which David Cameron sought to divide the Scots and the English.

Cameron was the man who told us he cared passionately for the Union, then used his speech after the independence referendum in 2014 to unveil his plans for EVEL.

And he who led us down the path to Brexit by holding the EU referendum – with the backing of Scottish leader Ruth Davidson.

The Tories’ complete and utter failure to work out a plan for Brexit gave Nicola Sturgeon fresh ammo in her quest to break up the Union.

Theresa May said yesterday that she will trigger the Brexit process by next March, but we still don’t know the details of the deal. So don’t let Ruth Davidson, Theresa May or any other Tory ever tell you the Union is safe in Tory hands. It is not.

Both the SNP and the Tories like nothing more than to talk about the constitution. In Labour, we prefer to talk about how to improve people’s lives.

We don’t want to re-run the arguments of the past. Instead, to meet the challenges of the future, we want to fund our public services properly. We have put forward a case for progressive taxation, including a 50p tax rate for the most well-off.

So rather than pushing for a second independence referendum like the SNP, or putting the Union at risk like the Tories, Scottish Labour will put public services at the heart of our politics.

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