Let The Sunshine Through…

Monday, October 27th, 2014 @ 2:44PM

Johann Lamont walked out of the Labour Party Saloon on Friday and chucked a grenade of hard truths in the door behind her. What an exit.
An explosion of internal strife found itself all over the weekend papers, news headlines and Twittersphere.
During all that heat and clouds of drama, we forgot about you, the voter.
My plea to the Labour Party that I love and am proud to represent is this. Fight the forthcoming leadership battle on the best ideas for the future of our country.
We are the party of the NHS, the welfare State, the National Minimum Wage and indeed the Scottish Parliament. Big, radical ideas designed to meet the needs of a nation we aspired to lead. And it worked.
A proud record and we need to let that sun shine through.
No more defining ourselves against the SNP.
Labour must talk positively and hopefully about the future of our country. First, foremost and always. The mission is the same as it always has been, rooted in that proud record. To ensure that prosperity and opportunity is realised by the many and not the few.
We know that having the best-educated and skilled people in the world is what Scotland needs to prosper. There should be no price on education and no barriers to it. Education and equality – that’s Labour’s mission and it’s why I’m proud to be labour.
Few people came into Labour politics to defend the union or wrangle over the constitution. Least of all Johann Lamont. If she was silent during the referendum, it was due to the frustration that every question started with independence instead of inequality.
Frustratingly, the constitution of the Labour Party is now front and centre. Jack McConnell was right to say there shouldn’t be a contest for leader without being clear about the job description first.
He’s a wise head who has uniquely had both the job of running the Labour Party as General Secretary and running the country as First Minister. He should be heard.
That business of sorting the wiring needs to happen quickly and privately though.
Voters don’t want to read any candidates plans to amend section 22, subsection “bothered” of the Labour Party rule book.
They want vision and ideas. Who are we? What do we stand for and where are we going? Or we might as well all go home.
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