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So for the past few weeks I’ve been writing a column for the Daily Record on a Monday. The deadline for this is at 1pm on a Sunday, so i tend to write it first thing on a Sunday morning in my own time. The column pays a fee which I donate in its entirety to MND Scotland - this is all detailed on in my register of interests.

Today’s column has an error in it and a few people have raised this with me on Twitter. The blog “Wings over Scotland” have also written a post about it. In fact they’ve accused me of “lying” which is a pretty bold accusation that I have to address. So here’s what happened.

I submitted the following copy along with the rest of my column yesterday morning:

1000s of Scots cast their referendum ballot this weekend but don’t worry you didn’t miss it!

Voters in Corby – also known as Little Scotland – have had their own referendum. The 8000 Scots in that Northamptonshire town don’t have a vote but they do have a view and the result due this week will no doubt be fascinating.

At around 6pm, i received an email from the Daily Record editorial team saying the result had come in and could i rewrite the paragraph.

I was presenting at a Fabians meeting in Edinburgh at the time so quickly wrote back that i wasn’t in a position to rewrite but could they just change the last line to reflect the fact it was a no vote…

I knew the result was 72% against at that point but I had not seen and had no idea what the turnout was. Hence why the first paragraph - the one that has annoyed folk so much - didn’t change.

So it was a genuine mistake and for that I apologise. No conspiracy here though folks.

p.s. I’ve written this at the earliest opportunity. I’ve been out campaigning all day - on the doorsteps - where the debate really matters.

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