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Thursday, April 24th, 2014 @ 8:00AM

Today marks one year since the tragic Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh, in which over 1,000 people lost their lives. I will be supporting the ‘Who Made your Clothes’ campaign as part of the ‘Fashion Revolution Day’ which is campaigning to raise awareness of working conditions in the garment industry in response to Rana Plaza. I am encouraging people to tweet clothing manufacturers on Thursday April 24th to ask them who made their clothes to start a debate about production conditions.

Ask!  – who made my clothes?

Fashion Revolution day campaign actions:

  • Tweet the brand a picture of your garment and ask Who Made Your Clothes?
  • Contact the brand on Facebook and ask Who Made Your Clothes?
  • On Fashion Revolution Day 24 April, please Tweet: Today I’m wearing my (shirt/dress/T-shirt etc.) #insideout because I want to ask @ (brand/retailer) Who Made Your Clothes?
  • Make a video or send an email to the brand and ask them Who Made Your Clothes?
  • Tweet your MSP and ask them to sign Motion S4M-09798 Fashion Revolution Day

High street brands on twitter

  • Marks and Spencer             @marksandspencer
  • H&M                                      @hm
  • Primark                                 @Primark
  • French Connection              @FCUK
  • Topshop                                @Topshop
  • Debenhams                          @Debenhams
  • Asda                                       @Asda
  • Tesco                                     @Tesco
  • Sainsburys                            @Sainsburys

@Fash_Rev #insideout #ranaplaza

For more info, please like and visit the Fashion Revolution campaign on Facebook:

Motion Number: S4M-09798
Lodged By: Kezia Dugdale

Title: Fashion Revolution Day

Motion Text:
That the Parliament recognises that 24 April 2014 will be marked as Fashion Revolution Day; notes that this day has been established in response to the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh, in which over 1,000 people lost their lives; understands that it aims to raise awareness of the horrific conditions that these and other factory workers endure; believes that child labour remains rife in countries such as Bangladesh, Cambodia and Laos; recognises what it sees as the work of the Fashion Revolution campaign in celebrating good practice in the fashion industry and in raising awareness of the key issues; notes that the campaign invites people to get involved by turning clothes inside out on the day and taking to social media to spread the word; believes that the day will provide a platform for ethical brands and retailers to promote their work and engage consumers to discover more about the story behind the label, and encourages the work of the Fashion Revolution campaign as it is launched nationwide.


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