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Friday, May 25th, 2012 @ 8:40AM

Of course I expect the SNP to make the very best case for an Independent Scotland that they possibly can, but there’s a clear difference between what they do as a party and as a Government. The mandate they have is for a referendum and they can use the powers of Government to progress that, but to use the faculties of Government to make the case for a “Yes” vote is quite a different matter.

That’s why the Yes Scotland campaign launch today at Fountainpark is being run and organised by former SNP officials, not civil servants.

This picture is taken from the final pages of a Scottish Enterprise publication called “The Little book of Yes” and it links to this campaign website Yes to Growth.

The subliminal messaging and alignment with the Yes to Indepenence campaign’s branding is uncanny and it’s being funded by your taxes. I’ve tabled some Questions in Parliament today to find out just how much of your money is being spent on this campaign.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think it will go down very well with the public who’ll see it for what it is. Propaganda.

What a shame the resources of Scottish Enterprise couldn’t be focused on tackling long term youth unemployment - something which has increased 4 times over on the SNP’s watch in the last year alone.

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