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Wednesday, August 24th, 2011 @ 1:36PM

There’s a difficult yet fascinating debate underway over just one aspect of University Funding - what students from the rest of the UK should pay (if anything) to study at a Scottish University.

It is a debate forced on Scotland because of the UK Government’s decision to allow tuition fees of up to £9000 a year.

Should the Scottish Government allow Scottish Institutions to charge English, Welsh and Northern Irish students £9000 a year to study in Scotland whilst Scots studying for free?

The Scottish Government say the policy is necessary to protect Scottish places for Scottish students, but is it right that Someone from Acton has to pay £9000 to study at Edinburgh whilst someone from Athens gets it for free because of EU Law?

Considering degrees in Scotland are 4 years in length and those in England are 3, should the Scottish Government set a cap of say £6750 a year so that it doesn’t cost MORE to study in Scotland than it does in England? Is it right that by potentially charging £9000 for each of the four years, Scottish Universities could seek to exploit the new regime to plug the growing funding gap?

These are just some of the issues i put to the Education Secretary Mike Russell in a letter. His response is now in my mail room.

I plan to “crowd source” my response to his letter - so here’s your chance to have you say. Either Email or tweet your comments in.

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