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The SNP campaign in Glasgow North East is in further trouble today after it was revealed that David Kerr has lied about his birthplace. And here’s the proof. One leaflet from his Falkirk by-election leaflet saying he was born in Cumbernauld. The other from his Glasgow North East campaign saying he was born in Dennistoun.


 Scottish Tory Boy is right to draw the parallel with Margaret Curran in Glasgow East who was in hot water for claiming she’d lived in the east end all her life. But there is a difference here, Margaret Curran made that slip of the tongue in a heated hustings meeting and later apologised for it. What she did was wrong, but it was not a pre meditated lie like this one of David Kerr’s. This is a lie which the SNP have repeated thousands of times over with their leaflets.

How many people in the SNP Campaign knew that David”born in Dennistoun” Kerr was a complete fabrication?

If the answer is nobody, then can they really still trust their candidate?

If the whole team knew, were they really so arrogant as to think no one would find out?

The SNP’s campaign has been riddled with dirty tricks. Smears about Willie Bain’s private life, where he lives, what he does.

Now the campaign to discredit the result has already started. Both Calum and Leaves on the Line have written about mysterious increases in postal voters and increased numbers of voters on the roll. The same type of chat they started after Glenrothes (when they were licking their wounds) has started pre poll in Glasgow North East.

Are things really going that badly for the SNP?

It’s nothing short of unpleasant. 

I’m confident, that with two weeks to go, Willie Bain will be the next MP for Glasgow North East and it wouldn’t suprise me if  David Kerr ended up  in the Scottish Parliament as an adviser to Salmond.

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