I think Torybear made it up

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009 @ 1:48PM

This story that Guido and Jeff are reporting is absolutely crap according to Paul Waugh at the Evening Standard who has had confirmation from the Whip’s office that Nick Brown doesn’t tweet.

It’s clearly a black op by Tory Bear - perhaps even endorsed by Conservative HQ - and it has largely worked.

It forced several journalists to make calls, wasted the time of press officers, civil servants and a government minister and it made Politics Home’s “breaking news”…

What would Rebus say?:
If Nick Brown just joined twitter today, how did torybear become one of his first friends?

Why was one of his first tweets to another fake Labour MP twitter account which has only existed for 3 weeks?

How did he manage to tweet “from the web” when he was in the Commons chamber?

And a question from me:

Can the Tories really be trusted to clean up politics after a deeply irresponsible stunt like this?

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