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Friday, September 19th, 2008 @ 3:18PM

Did you see Question Time last night? It started with Harriet Harman getting absoluted mauled by a hostile Bournemouth audience and ended with Alan Duncan ridiculed and booed for the telling a mistruth and trying to mislead the general public… wouldn’t be like the Tories would it? And at times like these…

It goes like this and can be viewed verbatim on iPlayer:

Harriet Harman: “Alan, the reality is that about a year ago the Conservative Party was arguing that we should have no regulation of the financial sector

[Interrupts] Alan Duncan: “No..

Harriet Harman: “Yes you did, and I was sitting next to Alistair Darling in the House of Commons when this advice was being given by the Tories and Alistair Darling was saying “It beggar’s belief that at this time you could be arguing for taking away regulation of mortgage institutions, and if you’ve changed your view on that and you’re going to support the government with regulation then I welcome that ….

[Goes to Hyslop….]

Alan Duncan: “I have to take Harriet Harman to task because we have been talking about regulation and what we’ve been saying for a long time…

[Interrupts] Dimbleby: “She’s says you’ve been against it…”

Alan Duncan: “Well she must be making this up as she goes along because that isn’t anything I recognise “

[Interrupts] Harriet Harman: “No, no, no, “

Alan Duncan: “We’ve been saying, we’ve been saying… “

[Interrupts] Dimbleby: “Hang on, I think Harriet has chapter and verse here… “

Harriet Harman: “I’ve got a nice little quote here, “We see no need to continue to regulate the provision of mortgage finance (this is August 2007) as it is the lending institutions rather than the client who are taking the risk…” and George Osbourne said “This was very important to cut government regulation – “we see sensible supervision as protection and we need to increase it.” You were arguing a year ago for less regulation! “

Alan Duncan: “I have been very, I have been very critical of people having multiple credit cards…”

[Interrupts] Dimbleby: “Are you saying these quotes are untrue?”

Alan Duncan: I have no idea what she is referring to.

[AUDIENCE – Boos and gasps in equal measure]

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