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Sunday, September 14th, 2008 @ 10:58AM

The Sunday Herald, Mail on Sunday, Sunday Express and Sunday Post all carry stories today about an apparent split between Des Browne and Iain Gray within minutes of the Iain’s victory yesterday. It’s almost as if they were looking for a fight to report -surely the press wouldn’t be that fickle though eh?

It strikes me that if the Iain Gray uses the same set of words as a UK Government Minister he’s clearly “Westminster’s Man”

And.. if he uses another set of words to a UK Government Minsiter then there’s clearly a split.

Black and White. No middle ground because that’s not a story. It’s boring and shows a complete lack of imagination on the part of the Tories and Nats who peddle this archaic crap.

It reminds me of something Robin Cook says in his autobiography:

“The reason why politicians stick to their hymn sheet is that they are dealing with a media which is no longer capable of handling an original idea but knows how to report a personality conflict. In my years in the Cabinet I became resigned to the knowledge that if I moved a comma in the hallowed mantra on the euro I would be reported the next day as having committed “a gaffe.”

On Day Two, the papers would run round colleagues until they found one who was outraged that I had the nerve to move the comma, at which point the media would report “a row”. With a bit of luck and heavy-duty fanning, by day three they may be able to announce ‘a split’ over the comma. The irony is that the press constantly complain that politicians are boring, but they are not going to dare to be interesting unless the media starts to reward rather than punish originality.”

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