The joke’s on them…

Mr Smith Goes to Holyrood carries a fun story in the Herald diary saying that 3 SNP MSPs have voted in the Labour Leadership contest. Fortunately, they all voted for a different candidate so as not to seem biased…

All very well and good but the jokes really on them. To get a vote in the union ballot you have to pay the political levy and tick a wee box to say that you support the principles and values of the Labour Party, same goes for the Co-op.

…Go on Christine McKelvie, who did you vote for?! Andy Kerr wasn’t it?! - You really liked what he had to say about the Scottish Futures Trust didn’t you?

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  • margo channing:

    if only this were true. in unison it used to be the practice that you had to tick the box on the membership form saying whether you wanted to pay the political levy or not; where members left it blank they were allocated to the non levy paying fund. However, hardly anyone ticked the box to pay the levy, so unison changed its rules so that where new members left the box blank they allocated them 50/50 to the political fund. there are many members of unison who are unaware they pay the political levy, and will be astonished to receive a ballot paper. Mind you, probably not as astonished as they were to see Labour MSPs and MPs on picket lines last week - Jim Devine, Cathy Jamieson, etc. Has Gordon Brown not said public sector pay is to be held at 2-2.5%. Do they think this has nothing to do with them. The loss of a days pay by low paid workers really shouldn’t be a photo op for candidtaes for the labour leadership election. Satire is indeed dead.

  • The Incorrigible Plagiarist:

    The values Labour stands for today are those which have guided it throughout its existence.
    • social justice
    • strong community and strong values
    • reward for hard work
    • decency
    • rights matched by responsibilities

    I don’t think that anyone would have a problem ticking a box saying that they supported these principles, as fatuous as they are.

    But what of this political levy? How does that work?

  • margo channing:

    In Unison the political levy works like this. Unison is affiliated to the Labour Party. Unison has two political funds; one for general campaigning which is not affiliated to the Labour Party, and one which is. Members have a choice to join either, both or none of these funds. Members do not have pay any extra on top of their dues to join any of the funds; someone who is not a member of either fund pays the same as someone paying the levy to the Labour Party. Hardly fair. By the way, of Unison’s 12 or 13 regions Scotland had the lowest percentage of Labour Party levy payers. Wonder why?
    PS - I got my ballot paper on Saturday despite not being aware I paid the levy. I put it in the bin - but ripped it up first!

  • DialMforMurdo:

    Ha ha ha, next you’ll be saying that the Baron George Foulkes has sent happy birthday wishes to big Sean…

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