Run that by me again?

- The SNP in Alex Salmond think that Scots “didn’t mind” Thatcher’s economics.

- The SNP Government has frozen council tax, cut services and slashed business rates.

- The SNP appointed the Thatcherite ex RBS Chair George Mathewson.

- The SNP relied on the votes of the Tories to pass their budget.

- Alex Salmond appoints the Daily Mail’s Political Editor as his Special Adviser.

- Just 7 of the SNP’s 47 MSPs are members of a Trade Union.

…But they still think they’re a “left of centre” party??

9 Responses to “Run that by me again?”

  • Ewan:


    I nominate you for this wee blog meme challenge


  • BSH:

    Sadly compared to Labour and all the ID card, warmongering and anti-terrorist claptrap, yes.

    You do know you don’t have to be a union member to support the politics of the left?

  • Grover:

    Your view of politics is SO BLINKERED it’s infuriating. Do you really think that you can continue to try and brand the SNP with this ‘Tartan Tory’ stamp and people are going to somehow magically believe eventually?

    The “didn’t mind” Thatcher economics: That quote has been manipulated and you know it. It’s time to move on.

    Are you seriously suggesting that council tax should continue to rise at the rate it did under LibLab? This was unsustainable and what’s more - people were not able to SEE the value. Also - “slashed business rates”? PLEASE! They have slashed SMALL BUSINESS RATES! Labour needs to stop with this “public sector good, private sector bad” nonsense. I’ve thought a lot about the small business bonus and it can only be a good thing. Capitalism is not going to just magically go away because Labour don’t like it, so why not give the small businesses something to help them along?

    Are you saying that the SNP should have refused to put their budget through because only the Tories supported it? That’s absolutely ridiculous.

    The appointment of an-Ex Daily Mail person is genius from a media POV. SNP ask “How is this going to play in the right wing press?”. Ex-Daily Mail guy gives educated (and most probably correct) answer. Just becasue Labour can’t get to grips with the media doesn’t mean everyone else can’t.

    From an observer’s point of view, it really seems like most of Scottish Labour want what’s best for Scottish Labour, not Scotland. Because if they wanted what’s best for Scotland then they would be able to see the good in the council tax freeze and the SBB instead of just lambasting them for not being “left wing” enough…Give me strength!

  • BSH:

    I’m quite bemused by the Herald article on lower hospital waiting times after a year of SNP government. Although I’m sure like everyone else we all agree that the hospitals have been left in a diabolical state by the previous 11 years of bad government.

    Let me guess, are the SNP introducing better hospitals with aim of ‘Independence by creep?’

  • Leaves on the line:

    The Labour Party:

    *Introduced university tuition fees
    *Went to war alongside a far-right neo-con US republican
    *Privatised great swathes of the NHS and government under PFI schemes
    *Rabidly supports nuclear power and nuclear weapons
    *Is busy constructing an Orwellian police state - recording of DNA, email & phone communications, CCTV, and of course the draconian anti-terrorist powers that local councils use to pursue school applicants
    *Supports the regressive council tax, which punished pensioners and others on fixed incomes - before the council tax freeze stopped the huge annual rises
    *Has a Scottish leadership contender (Ian Gray) that wants to team up with the Tories
    *Fails to provide life-saving/life-lengthening cancer drugs to those that can't afford them in England (via NICE)
    *Despite vowing to be "whiter than white" has even worse financial sleeze than the Major government… and that is going some!
    *Put forward Mandelson to the EU commission, only to see him to try to ruin the third world with Economic Partnership Agreements ("It would be like opening the door between the rhino enclosure and a petting zoo. Both sides may well have access to each other’s patch, but only one side can enjoy it.").

    So, is this the party that you joined up to? The party that you support? Do you defend these and other examples of how right-wing the Labour Party leadership has become?

    Or are you just another career policy wonk, in it for the sake of the partisan fight, the cosy little club and the salary but no longer caring about basic Labour values? Do you not think about the reasons whyso many of us have left the party and taken our votes too?

  • Allan:

    Rat’s, Leaves On the Line got there first…

    Except that Leaves forgot to mention the serial hounding of the less well off in our society, with the scrapping of the 10p tax rate, and the continued Dole cheats advertisments. When you start to punish the tax dodgers at the top end of the scale (Tesco?)then i will start to change my opinion of “New Labour”…

  • Jeff:

    “You do know you don’t have to be a union member to support the politics of the left?”

    That line was so good I just wanted to see it on here again.

    Good choice of photo Kez.

  • Leaves on the line:

    allan.. whoops forgetting the 10p tax rate was a schoolboy error!!
    I also ought to mention in passing:

    *42 days detention without charge
    *Locking up the children of failed asylum seekers
    *Reneging on a manifesto promise to hold a referendum on the EU constitution
    *Allowing rendition flights to land on UK soil
    *Getting cosy with Murdoch and pandering to his right-wing agenda
    *The 45 minutes lies (… don’t try to pretend the document wasn’t sexed up)
    *Cash for honours
    *Outlawing legitimate political protest outside Westminster (measures contained with Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005)
    *And how could I forget about ID cards????

    Golly… I hadn’t realised how much fun it was to remind myself why I left the party! Others should feel free to continue the fun and add to my lists!!

    So, remind me again Kezia… which is the right wing party? The one you work for?

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