“I see his true colours… shining through…”

Friday, August 22nd, 2008 @ 4:26PM

It’s one thing to invite a pensioner of 82 round for a cup of tea as a matter of courtesy. It’s quite another to rewrite history and misjudge the abhorrence that the vast majority of people in Scotland hold for Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

The very day Thatcher met with Gordon Brown, the BBC’s Nick Robinson said “It’s worth pointing out that this is a courtesy visit arranged by a man who - though a bitter political opponent of Thatcherism - remembers her invitation to him as a young backbencher in 1983 to meet her when she was PM.”

Salmond’s cosy chat with leading Tory Iain Dale has left him dancing on a pinhead. He’s so obsessed with his own public image and popularity he phoned the BBCs Good Morning Scotland programme to defend his position.

I asked Iain Dale afterwards what he thought of Salmond’s attempts to distance himself from the interview, Iain’s response was that Salmond hadn’t distanced himself, merely ‘clarified’ his position. I wonder if the Nat spin doctors would agree?

Salmond worked as an economist for RBS from 1980 to 1987. During the same period Margaret Thatcher’s Government appointed George Mathewson as head of Scottish Enterprise. Then known as the Scottish Development Agency. Mathewson later said Margaret Thatcher had done more for the Scottish economy than any other politician ever had.

Alex Salmond within weeks of becoming First Minsiter appointed Mathewson as the Chair of his Council of Economic Advisers. If Salmond says Thatcher’s economics weren’t that bad, and his chief economic adviser says they were pretty darn good, it strikes me that this wasn’t just a slip of the tongue by our FM. This is Salmond unmasked, off guard – with his true blue colours shining through.

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