The T-Shirts are Back

Regular readers will remember that back in April I organised a rally for Barack Obama outside the Scottish Parliament which went surprisingly well considering it was such an off the cuff idea.

At the time we ordered a batch of Scotland for Obama T-shirts and they went down an absolute storm, selling out within a couple of days of the rally. Afterwards, I was inundated with requests for T-shirts from far flung destinations such as Germany and Philadelphia and had disappoint.

With Obama now the offical Democratic candidate I’ve decided to reorder the T-shirts. So if you missed out last time round and would still like one, email me on [email protected] - T-shirts cost £12 (inc P&P within the UK)

8 Responses to “The T-Shirts are Back”

  • Jacq Kelly:

    I’ve still never actually worn my shirt yet - you’ll need to organise another rally in order that I can!

  • Kezia Dugdale:

    Not doing my sales much good with that one are you! You should say… “I love my barack obama t -shirt, infact I’ve worn it so much I might need to get another one - only I’d better be quick because they’re running out fast!”

    - That’s what you should have said if you were really my pal.

  • Jacq Kelly:

    Oh, erm, sorry.

    I would wear it, but I couldn’t make the first rally and I’m not sure how it would go down with the ladies of Planet Out - tell you what I shall test its pulling power when I go there tonight. And if I get lucky, I will buy another two from you!

  • Jacq Kelly:

    Yes, I can confirm that the t-shirt works as a babe magnet.

    Everyone should have at least three, in order that one will always be clean should you decide to hit the town.

  • Jeff:

    I already have an Obama t-shirt and can confirm that it’s very comfortable and stylish.

    I cannot confirm that it acts as a babe magnet.

    But thankfully, Lynx deoderant can fill that gap. Apparently…

  • Stephen Glenn:

    Wow are Labour now having sponsored comments to the their blogs?

    Not sure my Babe would appreciate me acquiring a babe magnet though, a Barak T-Shirt wouldn’t go amiss now though. I didn’t want one earlier as well…

    This comment was brought to you by the Number 6 and the Letter S.

  • Holyrood Patter:

    i would love to oblige but when i come into money myself and a friend are already committed to Barak is my homeboy tshirts!

  • Holyrood Patter:

    I emailed the g-mail account on this Kezia, with a request

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