Bring it On.

Saturday, June 28th, 2008 @ 9:11PM

I’ve listened to hours of news reporting today, from half nine this morning when I first thought something might happen up until the ten o clock news bulletin just a matter of minutes ago. I’m pig sick of opposition politicians (and by that I mean anyone that isn’t Labour) talking about the ‘turmoil’ the Labour party in Scotland is in now.

I’m sorry but if you swallow spin as malicious and vacuous as that so easily, you deserved to be fooled.

There’s a by-election and a leadership contest. A by-election caused by ill health and a leadership contest caused by mistakes accentuated by a political vendetta. This is turmoil.

I bet the SNP are kicking themselves tonight. Their strategy to just keep Wendy politically breathing and no more has failed. That’s because she grasped the thistle and said that for as long as she was in place, the SNPs catalogue of letdowns and broken promises would continue to go unnoticed.

It was a brave move from a brave woman who has battled on through months of media resignation calls. She called the shots and she left on her own terms.

I heard Alex Neil on Politics Now the other night say that what Wendy had done was somehow worse than Mike Pringle’s offence of leaking a confidential report regarding the Shirley McKie enquiry for which he received a 3 day Parliament ban. Get a grip. Wendy acted in good faith - he clearly made a conscious effort to leak privileged information.

Now the SNP are suggesting that it’s not their raft of political researchers sending a littany of fractious complaints to the standards commissioner that brought down Wendy - it’s the fact that the Labour party is secretly imploding. Load of crap.

We don’t fear a leadership contest and we don’t fear a by-election. Infact, give us a campaign spotlight in the East of End of Glasgow to highlight what a year of tax cuts, broken promises and egotistical compliancy has done to the very communities the SNP purported to care about more than Labour. To coin a phrase, Bring it On.

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