Sh*%, It’s getting serious…

Thursday, April 17th, 2008 @ 9:56AM

Batten down the hatches, independence is coming. Anyone with unionist tendencies raise your weapons, the Sunday Times has a poll showing support for Independence at 89%! It’s getting serious…

Or is it? This is an internet based poll taking no detail of demographics or location. You don’t even have to submit your name or email address to do it. It’s a victim of the CyberNat internet army.

They’re very organised the CyberNats – a bit like ants. You have the workers, who trawl the internet all day, back and forth. The very best worker ants get to tend the queen’s brood. We’ll come back to them in a minute.

Then you have the Soldier CyberNats, they are a bit more talented and therefore a bit bolder and have a criticial defence role to play. Some have particularly good technical skills, they can fix a whole internet poll with a bit of html coding – I’ve seen it done!

And then you’ve got the Queens. They live in the top of the steaming pile of dung and simply dole out orders and eggs of venom.

Analogy over. There’s a serious point here. In the same way that if we’re not careful we will as a country, talk our way into recession, we’re in danger of talking our way into independence.

John Curtice has some interesting advice to offer on the slightly more robust TNS Sunday Herald Poll which put support for independence at.41%. He says that as long as the core question is about “independence or not” you will always produce greater support for independence.

He says: “Throw in another option in terms of increased powers for MSPs at Holyrood, short of independence, and not only does that become the favoured choice among respondents but, intriguingly, support for independence falls noticeably.”

He goes on to say “Support for independence also appears to fall during election campaigns when the arguments on either side are aired. A case perhaps, for some voters of self-interest shoving patriotism to one side.”

Let the CyberNats chew over that.

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