Narrow and Racist?

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008 @ 7:42PM

I got a fair bit of stick from colleagues, fellow bloggers and some journalists in the Parliament for supporting the idea that Scottish people as a nation can be narrow minded and racist.

Well, a quick look through the National Conversation online throws up these gems of open-mindedness and rational thought – all from different contributers:

“the english living in scotland are mostly here to enjoy retirement on the richer pickings they had available to them so lets take control of our own country”

“The day we become independent i want the SNP to make flag burning legal for 1 day so we can burn all the union jacks.”

“By all means get rid of the Butcher’s Apron, but kindle the fire with The Record!”

“I burn that union jack for all of them and for all the men and women of the isles who where made to do the ill deeds for a few greedy people.”

“these brave souls fought for freedom and democracy something that the unionist trio from westmonster do not want to give to the scottish people”

That’s just 5 examples of the kind of narrow minded bigotry I’m talking about – but what’s worse is that they’re available to read on a government website.

This website is used to promote Scotland abroad and is the first port of call for any potential investors and visitors to Scotland. These comments are just two clicks from the front page - Is this the kind of Scotland we want to show to the world?

Open debate is central to democracy, but the government has a responsibility to ensure that it does not promote views that could incite hatred and divide our society. There’s no doubt in my mind that these comments do exactly that.

If Ministers had any sense, they should distance themselves from these comments. They should take immediate steps to put a proper moderator in place for the website and ensure that these kind of bigoted views are not published by the government ever again.

- If they do not, then the only conclusion I can draw is that they condone such bigoted viewpoints.

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