John McTernan was right

Monday, January 21st, 2008 @ 4:15PM

Despite the circumstances in which John McTernan’s comments came into the public domain - clearly a breach of the Freedom of Information Act - I think what he said was absolutely right

- That doesn’t mean that I have “contempt” for the Scottish people as Alex Salmond has suggested.

The Scottish Attitudes Survey demonstrated that 29% of Scots think its ok to harbour a prejudice and 50% thought Muslims posed a cultural threat. Even more worryingly, a separate survey published in early December showed that over 60% of young people think there are too many immigrants in Scotland.

This is a disgraceful record.

Jack McConnell exposed Scotland’s Sectarian culture and was applauded by people across the political spectrum for arguing that “ For too long bigoted and sectarian behaviour has been a scar on Scottish life.”

Alex Salmond should’ve used this opportunity to challenge racism in every form and say that tolerance/respect are markers of Scottish Identity - what he has done is brush the issue of racism under the carpet.

As a nation we do carry characteristics of deeply ingrained intolerance/prejudice and until we accept that, we have no chance of fighting it.

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