Gould - Part 2

Friday, October 26th, 2007 @ 8:50PM

It’s rare, if not unique, for me to write about the same topic twice in one week but my god I’m going to have to write about Ron Gould’s report again because I’m just utterly blown away by the ignorance, bloody-mindedness, and down right shameful behaviour that the SNP have demonstrated on the issue.

I’m utterly astonished that Alex Salmond and the SNP have both the brass neck and the bare faced cheek to call for heads to roll when they welcomed the Independent Arbuthnott Commission report which informed the decisions the Scottish Office made about the conduct of elections.

The Scottish Office, encouraged by the SNP, accepted the suggestion that not only should a single ballot paper be used for the Scottish Parliament elections but that the regional list vote should precede that of the constituency vote. Ron Gould regards both of these decisions as significantly contributing to thousands upon thousands of rejected ballots.

Before you jump to the conclusion that Arbuthnott was therefore a duff report which Ministers were daft to implement, it must be recognised that Arbuthnott said that local government and Scottish parliament elections should be ‘decoupled’ i.e. held on different days. Gould acknowledges they were right.

So here we go again, brace yourselves: Alex Salmond is as guilty as a puppy standing proudly next to a pile of poo in all of this and the last power in the land he should be given is the ability to do it all again.

The SNP speed read the report and found another opportunity to both pick a fight and peddle the merits of independence – voters remain an afterthought.

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