Sunday, September 23rd, 2007 @ 11:39AM

The Scotland on Sunday are reporting today that Alex Salmond wants a national debate on handing powers over abortion law from Westminster to Scotland but has also ruled out pressing ahead with reform - stating that he doesn’t want an “arm wrestle” with Westminster over such a controversial issue.

The article also makes clear that “Aides have made it clear they would not start moves for change until there was cross-party consensus,” but then states that Salmond believes “abortion must be an issue of conscience for members of parliament.”

So to summarise, the SNP wants us to have a national conversation about abortion but has no intention of doing anything with the outcome. The SNP wants cross-party consensus but doesn’t want MSPs to vote along party lines – and by the way, Alex Salmond wants to reduce time limits.

If this is an issue of conscience and there’s no singular voice representing “Scotland” – why are the SNP banging on about it?
…Because it’s payback time for the Cardinal and Brian Soutar.

I believe women should have equal access to safe, legal, free abortion and that these rights should be defended and extended. All of that is in jeopardy if abortion is devolved.

Alex Salmond wants to limit a woman’s right to choose and he’s bank rolled by a man that thinks all abortion - full stop - should be illegal.

I’m appalled that these rights and the fire, behind what is undoubtedly a passionate debate, is being stoked by the SNP to grab another front page. But Today’s news is also a dangerous warning shot - when you’re dealing with the Catholic church and bigots like Brian Soutar, every liberal and progressive mind in Scotland has something to worry about.

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