Harry Potter and the Palace of Westminster

Friday, July 27th, 2007 @ 11:04AM

I’m just back from a few days in London meeting and greeting all the people that George works with in the House of Lords. The most striking thing about the last couple of days was the number of people parading about London with copies of Harry Potter proudly wedged under their arm.

I read the first 5 books and failed to get excited about the 6th. Although I enjoyed them, I’ve never really understood the mania surrounding their launch and only read them to ensure I wasn’t missing out on some vital piece of popular culture in the pub.

However, 3 days in the Palace of Westminster made me think of Hogwarts. Westminster Hall in particular struck me as the perfect location for the school dining hall. I could just visualise hundreds of owls dropping post onto the laps of young wizards eagerly eating their breakfast.

There are so many pictures of historical figures lining the walls of the palace corridors, I was almost sure their eyes were following my every move. As I strolled along the corridors, the occasional glimpse of the various ‘members only’ lounges made me think of the teachers secret meetings to discuss the latest revelations from the Ministry.

Whilst there I was stunned to read the Scotsman article entitled “Skillful Salmond returns to Westminster as the political assassin.” What a joke of a story. How could the Scotsman effectively applaud Alex Salmond for strolling into parliament after 120 days absent without leave. He’s got 3 jobs, two constituencies and an ego the size of Hagrid.

What’s more… The Scotsman is fast becoming the Daily Prophet, reporting stories from the Ministry of Magic headlines. It’s just as well that of all the Dark Arts masters, Alex Salmond is most like Guilderoy Lockhart - all talk and no potions. I just hope the spell wears off the Scottish Press soon.

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