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Tuesday, April 10th, 2007 @ 9:32PM

I spent most of today reading all the manifestos which have been launched so far from cover to cover… that’s the Greens, the Tories, Solidarity and Labour’s and I’d encourage everyone else to take the time to do the same.

I was extremely pleased to see the Greens acknowledge where they liked policies developed by Labour such as Sure Start and eco-schools, as well as offering a critique where there are clear ideological and political differences. That’s grown up politics… and should be recognised as such.

The Tories have produced (so far?) 4 glossy mini manifestos on the topics of family, crime, business and housing but also have a near 30 page word document of their remaining commitments available for download.

The Solidarity manifesto is exactly what you’d expect and it will be interesting to see how it differs from that of the SSP.

I’ve scanned a couple of internet debate forums tonight to see what the general reaction to the Labour Party’s manifesto is and I’m disappointed once again to see the SNP’s internet army pan it for a ‘lack of vision.’ The only thing lacking vision in this campaign is their incessant comments on Scotsman articles at 1 in the morning.

It’s also hilarious to see people posting comments at 4.04pm when the manifesto was only available online from 4pm! Johnny 5 could read 100 pages in 30 secs but I doubt ConcernedfaeFalkirk can.

Criticise the detail by all means but come on! Who do you think you’re kidding…It’s the same with internet polls. The Evening News did one a couple of weeks ago where the results demonstrated something like 85% of people voting SNP on the 3rd of May. Now even I’ll accept that they’re ahead in the polls but 85% suggests half of Scotland has bought their own bricks to start building the border now.

The irony is that Mr Undecided and Mrs FloatingVoter who might previously have cast a vote for the SNP or Lib Dems in protest at Labour is now taking the threat of independence seriously and planning to vote anything but Nat on May 3rd. I’ve talked to 5 people on the doorstep or telephone in the last week alone who said they’ve never voted Labour in their life but they’re voting Labour this time around to stop the SNP! The upshot of all this is that the Lib Dems could really suffer as a consequence. I guess only time will tell.

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