Bad News for Politics?

Sunday, February 11th, 2007 @ 12:50PM

I’ve come back from London to discover the news about the BNP standing 32 candidates across Scotland on the regional lists. I can’t quite believe that by doing so, they’re entitled to a party political broadcast and a directmail to every household in the country at the taxpayers’ expense. 3000 people voted BNP in the 2003 Scottish Parliament elections. If that vote stays the same it will have cost the taxpayer £220 for each fascist ballot cast.

Racism can’t be defeated by legislation and leadership alone. What we need is a cultural shift in our attitudes and behaviour at every level of Scottish society. A public debate on the form that racism and bigotry takes in the 21st century should be a welcome starter question and in that context, the BNPs candidacy offers an opportunity.

… An election that’s focused on delivering equality and respecting diversity will do no harm either.

I hope that all the political parties standing against BNP candidates unite together and use this chance to expose the racist and bigoted venom which seeps from every pore of their policies.

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