Seriously Funny.

Sunday, February 4th, 2007 @ 10:32PM

A Green party spokesperson was quoted in the Scotland on Sunday today saying “Labour have plenty of gimmicks to make themselves look serious but when you look at the whole policy platform they are a joke.”

I nearly fell off my seat laughing.

Replace the word Labour with Green and you’d have a very strong attack on the Greens who few politicians, policy makers and journalists would dare make because the Greens are nice, happy, affable people with inoffensive politics.

Nobody dislikes the greens because they believe in discouraging aviation and campaigning against building new roads. It’s just that nobody takes them that seriously.

Labour, however, believe that social justice and environmental justice are inextricably linked. That for every 5% increase in energy bills, 30,000 Scots are dragged back into poverty. That increasing the tax on cheap air flights will only deny poorer people the opportunity to travel. That people need both a carrot and a stick.

Labour announcing today that it will offer a £100 discount to those people who insulate and recycle is a huge step forward and should be recognised as such. The Greens can have the most ambitious, righteous policies in the world because they feel no duty to produce responsible, practicable policies.

And before you say it, there is the chance that the Greens could form part of a rainbow coalition where the dominant party was the SNP. But if you seriously think that a party, whose spending commitments are based on the value of the oil in the North Sea, is going to satisfy our countries desire for a greener, more sustainable future, then you’re the one having a laugh.

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