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Wednesday, January 24th, 2007 @ 10:27PM

Alex seems to be in a bit of a bad mood this past fortnight. It might well be the hammering he got on Channel 4 news by Jon Snow and Douglas Alexander, or perhaps it was his blustering performance on Newsnights Great Union debate. Either way, it’s caught the attention of a couple of journalists in this weeks papers:

Brian Currie – Glasgow Evening Times:

“SNP boss Alex Salmond continues to play a blinder as he leads his partyinto the May election. But so he should because, in opposition, you can say or do just about anything because you are accountable for nothing and are in poleposition to exploit government weaknesses. Mr Salmond is a smooth operator - clever and witty, or supercilious andsmug - depending on your politics.
Any irritation he shows is usually reserved for the thicker television interviewers, so why did he apparently lose his cool at a posh lunch in Glasgow this week? The SNP boss was mixing with the great and the good who had turned up tolisten to ex-US Vice President Al Gore and former UN chief weaponsinspector Hans Blix when he had a spat with a well-known Glasgowbusinessman.
Mr Salmond left the bash early and didn’t hear Gore’s excellent presentation on global warming, but his aides insist it wasn’t becausehe was in the huff - he had to leave to be briefed on an interview witha late-night TV show. If the SNP wants to win seats in the west, maybe he’ll have to learn toput up with the Glasgow banter.”

And Donald Maclean – The Sun:
“Hans [Blix] may not have found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but in meeting Alex Salmond he certainly found a rocket!

He would be forgiven for thinking he was at a chimp’s tea party and not a five star dinner, such was Alex’s behaviour.

Spilling wine, gorging the rest. Insulting the guests. And then leaving in a huff before Al Gore took to the stage – but not before he had his picture taken with him – incredible!”

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