Faith vs Reason

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007 @ 12:18AM

You couldn’t pick up a Sunday Newspaper this weekend without reading the latest opinion piece on Ruth Kelly and her personal trials and tribulations over exemptions to the Goods and Services Legislation due to come into force in April.

I met Ruth Kelly at Labour Party Conference in Brighton in 2005. I was struck immediately by this aura of supreme intelligence, it just filled the room. I was instantly convinced that she was a deeply intellectual, thoughtful and astute individual.

She was Education Secretary at the time and spoke about both the high level policy decisions of her department and playground anecdotes of her children with equal fervour. She’s an incredibly smart woman who has risen to the senior ranks with grace and four kids. An inspiration to any working mum.

But I just cannot accept the proposition that it’s ok for Catholic adoption agencies to discriminate against gay and lesbian couples. Allowing such an exemption gives legal protection to the premise that it’s ok to be homophobic if you’re religious. It’s a horrendous message to send to Joe Public

Faith and reason seem to be colliding right in the middle of Ruth Kelly’s office. I’m pleased to see so many cabinet ministers standing their ground and refusing to humour this intolerance but this is the Labour party! – We shouldn’t be lecturing our own on the true meaning of equality.
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