The Final Furlong…

Friday, January 19th, 2007 @ 10:56AM

A very wise man who has been in politics for over three decades sat me down the other day to give me a necessary lesson in ‘how it used to be.’

I’ve always had a great deal of respect for the idea that you can only really plan for the future if you can learn from the past. However, what struck me most from our conversation was a great analogy as to how voting and party politics has evolved. Party loyalty just doesn’t exist like it used to. The idea that you vote for a party because your father, and your father’s father did no longer resonate with the average voter.

Arguably that’s a good thing if it means that people really think about their vote and challenge political parties to raise their game. But I think the opposite is happening.

As my wise friend said “People look in on elections like the look in on the derby or the grand national. Half of them will pick the horse they like the look of and the other half will back the horse with the best form on the day.”

To take that analogy a step further, for to win this forthcoming election, a party has to be fresh faced and fighting fit. There’s nothing to gain from being the favourite now if no ones going to put their money behind you on the day Alex, it’s all down to the final furlong.
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