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In this section you can find all Kezia’s latest speeches, articles and personal blogs on her work as an MSP for the Lothian Region.

Kezia Dugdale Becomes An Apprentice For A Day

News from Kezia Dugdale MSP Kezia Dugdale Becomes An Apprentice For A Day Today Kezia Dugdale MSP became an apprentice for the day at Punjabi Junction, the social enterprise community café of Skih Sanjog, on Leith Walk Kezia Dugdale took part in a cookery class event...

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Parking shouldn’t be our big issue just now

£42 billion worth of public money in the Scottish budget and all everyone can talking about is car parking charges. Give me strength. Parking is of course political, and the evidence for that sits in every Councillor or MSPs inbox the moment the Council proposes to...

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