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In this section you can find all Kezia’s latest speeches, articles and personal blogs on her work as an MSP for the Lothian Region.

Showcasing Edinburgh People

A unique vision of Edinburgh as seen through the lens of a city taxi driver will be on display in the Scottish Parliament this week. The ‘Edinburgh People’ photography exhibition in Holyrood’s Garden Lobby will tell the story of the people who live and visit the...

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NHS Lothian in crisis – Robison must go

The scale of the crisis in NHS Lothian has been laid bare today with the publication of a series of damning new reports. With NHS Lothian facing a funding gap of £31million, Kezia Dugdale said SNP Health Secretary Shona Robison must resign. The official NHS data...

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Scrap the rape clause

The rape clause is one of the most abhorrent policies produced by the Tory government.   It was introduced by the Conservatives on April 6, 2017, as part of measures to limit Child Tax Credit to two children. It forces women who have conceived a child as a result of...

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Benefits for the terminally ill

Next week, MSPs will vote on a law that will create a new social security system in Scotland. The devolution of welfare powers delivers on a promise made in the run-up to the independence referendum in 2014. It will allow MSPs to build a welfare system with fairness...

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We must remember Srebrenica

By Kezia Dugdale MSP From Sarajevo, Bosnia   (Photos by Lesley Martin) *This article first appeared in The Times on 17/04/18*   In March 1995, President Radovan Karadžić ordered ‘Directive 7’. It tasked his troops along the Bosnian Drina river to create ‘an unbearable...

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SNP slashes budget for flagship “Business Pledge”

The SNP is to slash the budget for its flagship ‘Business Pledge’ by nearly 50 per cent this year. Ministers have been forced into a review of the scheme under pressure from Scottish Labour, but the funding cut is set to hinder attempts to drive up signatories. There...

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All-women delegation to Bosnia

The first all-women delegation from the Remembering Srebrenica Scotland charity is to build new links between Scotland and organisations representing female victims of the Bosnian war. A 12-member delegation led by Scottish Labour MSP Kezia Dugdale and the Very...

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