Labour MSP for the Lothian Region, Kezia Dugdale today (Tuesday) secured a Topical Question in the Scottish Parliament to ask the Scottish Government how it plans to support integration joint boards with funding shortfalls.

The Edinburgh Integration Joint Board has been forced to make £11.6million worth of cuts for this coming financial year and still face a further funding black hole of £12.6million, following the SNP Scottish Government cuts to local council settlements.

In her topical question Kezia Dugdale MSP highlighted comments made recently by Edinburgh IJB member, Mike Ash who serves as a Non-Executive Director of NHS Lothian, and said “We can’t go on pretending we can deliver the services people expect with the money we have”.

Following the topical question in the Scottish Parliament , Kezia Dugdale MSP said:

“Jeane Freeman needs to lift her head from a spreadsheet and step into the real world where the SNP Government’s cuts and underfunding of Edinburgh’s Integration Joint Board are resulting in many services being cut to the bone.

“Recent figures show that 160 people in Edinburgh today are receiving incomplete care packages, over 600 people are waiting for a package to start and a staggering 1200 people are still waiting just to be assessed.

“Not only are we seeing a rise in delayed discharges meaning more people stuck in hospitals due to an inability to provide adequate social care packages, the funding black hole facing Edinburgh means hugely damaging cuts could now be made to crucial mental health and drug and alcohol services.

“The services being provided in Edinburgh can’t even afford to stand still, without the SNP Government stepping in to provide essential funding, how on earth will the thousands of people waiting for suitable care packages and vulnerable people who relying on outreach services get help they desperately need.”


Details of FOI:

Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 – Release of Information

Subject: Care Packages

Thank you for your request for information of 05/02/2019 on behalf of Kezia Dugdale MSP, where you asked a number of questions regarding the above. Your request has been processed and considered under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 and the information is provided below. I shall address each of your questions in turn.

You asked the following:

We are looking for information on social work assessments for care packages that allow people to live at home. Specifically:

Q1. The number of people waiting for assessments.

A1. 1,217

Q2. The number of people waiting for packages following assessments.

A2. 668

Q3. The number of people in receipt of partial packages, where the care received does not match the assessed need.

A3. 157

Q4. The number of people with a full package in place.

A4. 4,637 (this is the 4,794 people receiving Home Care, Care at Home and Reablement less the 157 awaiting an increase)

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