*This article was first published in the Edinburgh Evening News newspaper on the 26th of March 2019*

An estimated one million people marched through the streets of London on Saturday demanding another Brexit vote following yet another chaotic week in Westminster.

As the deadlock in Government and in the House of Commons continues, a public petition calling for Article 50 to be revoked and for the U.K. to remain in the European Union is now sitting at over 5 million names, the biggest petition ever registered on the Parliament’s petitions page. 

As the millions increasingly voice their anger and frustration at the Brexit debacle, a small number of cabinet ministers have spent the weekend plotting a coup against Theresa May. Seeking to replace her as Prime Minister and install a caretaker in her place to deliver Brexit. 

This week may really be the last roll of the dice for Theresa May. The Parliament is set to hold a series of indicative votes tomorrow, nonbinding votes, that may show there is a majority for at least one option, which may be the PM’s deal, albeit with the proviso that a final public vote is held on whether to ratify or reject the deal must be held.

Last week the 27 other E.U. countries agreed to give the U.K. some extra time to agree a Brexit deal and an orderly departure to avoid crashing out on the 29th March. The new deadline date is 12thApril, however, realistically if a public vote is secured we will need even more time and to secure this might require Article 50 to be revoked.

It’s going to be another rocky week in Westminster.   

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